Frequently Asked Questions

We are located in the middle of downtown Oak Harbor, Ohio. We are on the north side of the street between the two lights in town. Our address is 160 W Water St.

Most weeks we are open and operated by RVI Monday-Friday 9:30-1:30 (occasionally there are staffing changes and this isn’t possible so call/text or check FB to confirm if you want to be sure).

Tuesdays we are open until 6:00 and most Thursdays we open early at 7:30.

No. No appointment or referral is needed. 

Anyone who could use help with their clothing budget.

A current photo ID.

No. It is best to come at a time when you do not have the children with you. If you must bring your children, they are to remain with you at all times.

No. Clothing is limited to the applicant, spouse, and children under 18.

The limits change from time to time depending on the current supply. Typically, it is 7-10 items of clothing and some seasonal items as well.

Limits are calculated by quarter, so once every 3 months is how most people do it.

No. All the clothing is free.

Shoes, cleats, wearable items. We don’t currently have space to have household goods.

Clothing Corral, a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization, is funded primarily through individual donations. It also receives support from foundation grants, corporate contributions, and community organizations.

No. There are many faiths represented in our volunteers and our clients. We help anyone in need, regardless of religious affiliation or any other factor.

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